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Lod is a small Israeli town located about 20 km from Tel Aviv. This place is considered the center of the aerospace industry. Here, about 20 km from the city, is the largest airport in Israel named after David Ben-Gurion. There are many amazing places in Lod that will be of interest to every tourist. And if you want, you can go to nearby Tel Aviv with lots of entertainment activities and the best beaches.

Places worth to see in Lod

Interesting places in Lod are modern and ancient buildings, winding streets and scenic views. The most popular attractions include:

  • the church of St. George impressive by its interiors;
  • the tomb of St. George (alleged);
  • Al Omari Mosque reflecting the history of the city;
  • the medieval bridge of Beibaras which offers scenic views;
  • Gan Shalom which is a shrine of three religions at once;
  • the well Bar ha-Shalom made of equal-sized hewn stones;
  • the railway station of the Ottoman Empire;
  • the synagogue Shaar ha-shamaim which can tell about many historical events.

Other attractions of Lod are numerous mosques and churches, ancient bathhouses and a caravanserai, unique ancient streets and numerous buildings with nice architecture. In this Israeli city, you can find many places to create amazing pictures that will remind you of this journey.

Lod is a modern city, where ancient and innovative technologies are intertwined. There are a tourist and industrial zones in Lod, with its own characteristics each. Here you can find many interesting places with an amazing and unique flavor.

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